Specialty Dental Services and General Dentistry Under One Roof at Huszti Dental

Specialty Dental Services in our Milford Office

Even with diligent oral health practices, bigger dental issues can sometimes arise. With other dentists, that means referral to a specialty practice with all the new forms, payment methods and uncertainties that come with that process. Our office is home to three specialists, and they are here to ease your concerns when a specialist is needed. With an endodontist, a periodontist and an oral surgeon in our office, Huszti Dental Care in Milford is able to address the vast majority of your dental needs in our comfortable office, supported by our friendly staff. 

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IV sedation and computer-administered anesthesia mean wisdom teeth removal and other surgeries are as painless as possible. New technologies also mean quicker recovery times and less pain.



Treating gums that are receding or too prominent can make a huge difference in your oral hygiene. Some treatments are nonsurgical, meaning less discomfort and quicker recovery time.



Our in-office endodontist specializes in root canals and only in root canals. Expertise like that means you are in good hands, and ensures the best outcomes.


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