Milford Dentists Offer Quality Care in a Modern, Rural Office Setting

Leading edge dental care in Milford, Michigan

We know no one looks forward to a dental visit, but we also know it doesn’t have to be that way. So when we say your comfort and health are our top priorities, we mean it. Our office was designed especially by an award-winning architect who specializes in dental offices and all our treatment rooms offer relaxing views of nine acres of preserved meadows, water and woods. 

Computers in every room let the doctors know you have arrived, eliminating virtually all waiting. Beats by Dre headphones are available to muffle the sound of the drill and our iPods and iPads can take you to your happy place. 

We won’t say you’ll love coming to the dentist, but we will say it’ll be the most relaxing time you’ll ever spend in a doctor’s office.

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Great smiles start with a clean and healthy mouth. Regular examinations that include digital X-rays have a proven impact on your dental health, helping us to spot potential problems early.


Family dentistry

Gone are the days of silver fillings — white fillings restore both the function and natural look of your smile. When a tooth requires extra protection, new materials and procedures make a crown or bridge hard to detect and much more natural.



High-tech cameras inside wands provide invaluable views that help you see exactly what is happening. If needed, anesthesia is administered by a computer — with no syringe! We really have thought of everything.



Clear Braces, white fillings, porcelain veneers, hard-to-detect bridges and crowns and professional whitening can bring you more confidence and a brighter smile.