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Patient spotlight: Doug Goodhue sets World record

2volkslaufe frankenmuth race 20K,5K 025 (1).jpg

Milford’s own Doug “ silver bullet” Goodhue just returned from an amazing US National Road Race Championship where he competed in the 12K ( 7.46 mile) distance. Doug’s average mile of 6:36 would be the envy of a 20 year old. Doug is 71 years old!  Dr. Huszti couldn't be more proud of his long time running partner. Congratulations Doug!!

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State Champions!

Milford XC State Champs.jpg

We are so proud of our Milford High School Cross Country Team. Congratulations to Coach Brian Salyers and Assistant Coach Mike Andersen. This makes 5 State Championships in a 10 year period. Hats off to the Milford girls Team too. A wonderful season with a 9th place finish at the State final. Huszti Dental Care celebrates their tradition of hard work and discipline.



Chicago Marathon & American Cancer Society

Dr. Huszti just returned from Chicago where he participated in his 11th Marathon. A big fan of the American cancer society he has been actively supporting them with his fundraising efforts and helping to raise awareness. Today he received this letter:  

Dear William,

Today, we want to report back to you on what some of our brightest researchers have been doing — to give you a sense of the kind of breakthroughs your support makes possible. As a committed American Cancer Society supporter, you are a vital partner in the fight to make this cancer's last century.

Just this week, it was announced that a former American Cancer Society research grantee is one of the three scientists receiving the 2013 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology! Dr. James E. Rothman, along with two colleagues will be honored for defining the control of the movement of membranes in cells; which contributes greatly to the understanding of cell functioning in numerous diseases, including cancer. These internal cell membranes are key to the function of cells and the ability of cells to move, both of which are hallmarks of cancer cells. In 1982, while at Stanford University, and in 1988 while at Princeton, Dr. Rothman's research was supported by an American Cancer Society research grants.

Investing in researchers like Dr. Rothman is possible because of people like you. Here are just two of the other advances that may help cancer patients in the future that have been made possible by American Cancer Society supporters like you:

A new device that can detect tumor cells in your blood
The Herringbone-Chip is capable of finding rare circulating tumor cells also known as CTCs. CTCs are living tumor cells which are thought to be metastasizing and they are very hard to detect because very few of them are in the bloodstream. With this new microfluidics-chip, tumor cells could be found much earlier and could save lives.
 A new way to predict if aggressive cancers will spread or not
The presence of a specific type of molecule called miR-101 may be the link that allows doctors in the future to predict whether a tumor will remain contained or if it will be very aggressive and spread. What's more, new research suggests that some cancers could be contained by putting miR-101 into tumors that have lost it.
We thank you; cancer patients across the country thank you; and future generations thank you for being part of this fight.

Thank you. Please feel free to share this with friends or family who might be interested, as well.


Your American Cancer Society



Community Matters: Race Day!

On a beautiful fall morning nearly 600 people of all ages responded to the “challenge". Kensington Park’s Maple Beach was full of runners and walkers alike for the 30th annual Kensington Challenge road race. Team “Huszti Dental Care” turned out in force to participate and help raise funds for local youth fitness and the wounded warriors project. Check out the results here.

Dr. Huszti is quick to point out “ The Kensington Challenge showcases fitness and family fun. It’s sends an important message throughout our community.” Huszti dental care is a proud sponsor of the Kensington Challenge. A special thank you to race director, patient and good friend Doug Goodhue for another great event. Thanks Doug!



Kensington Challenge Countdown


Family, fitness and fun are all part of a healthy lifestyle. Join the Huszti family and the Huszti dental staff as they take the Kensington “Challenge”. Huszti Dental is a proud sponsor of the Kensington Challenge. The proceeds go to such worthy charities as the wounded warriors project and local programs to encourage childhood fitness.

Road races: 5K, 15K
Saturday, September 14, 2013
Kensington Metropark

Be sure to vote for your favorite Team Huszti Dental runner on our facebook page!

Whether you’re a runner or walker you’ll enjoy the beauty of the Kensington Metro Park and that special feeling of accomplishment at the finish line!



Congratulations to Milford Memories race participants!

 The Carls Family YMCA was the gracious host for last Sunday’s Milford Memories races. As a result of the great weather or perhaps the challenge of a new race course on the beautiful Milford trail a larger than average number of runners turned out. Local favorites Mike Andersen, Cody Snavely, Brian Kettle and Doug Goodhue all distinguished themselves. Dr.'s Huszti along with daughters Olivia and Sophia enjoyed time with friends and a great race.  Congratulations to Dr. Huszti who managed a 1st place age group win (5K in the 40-49). For complete results: Milford Memories 5K,10K, 10 mile race results 2013

Sure we love brushing but exercise & fun are important components in your overall health too! It's not just common sense but increasingly proving to be good science. Take, for instance a recent study in the journal of periodontolgy indicating good diet & exercise can help keep your mouth healthy

Maintaining a healthy weight, getting regular exercise, and eating a proper diet are all good for you. But here are some new benefits for you to chew on: Research shows these things are good for your gums, too.

In a study published in the Journal of Periodontology, researchers found that people with this cluster of healthy traits are less likely to have gum disease than their overweight and inactive counterparts.

Dr. Nabil Bissada, chairman of the periodontics department at Case Western University School of Dental Medicine analyzed data from 12,110 participants in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey.

Healthy weight was defined as having a body mass index between 18.5 and 24.9, while engaging in the recommended amount of exercise meant moderate-intensity workouts five times or more per week or vigorous activity three or more times per week. Diet healthfulness was rated on an index of healthy foods, with a score higher than 80 considered a sign of having a "high-quality diet."

While health experts have long hyped the importance of keeping a healthy weight, staying active and eating a good diet, the researchers found that only a small percentage actually manage to do all three. "Only about 3% of the entire group maintained normal weight, engaged in the recommended level of exercise and had a high-quality diet," they wrote. More than three out of 10 participants reported practicing none of the three habits.

These figures could, in reality, be even worse, given that the participants self-reported their weight and exercise and food habits - things people don't always recount accurately.

Gum disease rates were lowest among people who fit all three of the healthy-living criteria. While 18% of participants who reported none of the three traits had gum disease, only 7% of those who maintained a health weight, were physically active, and ate a healthy diet had gum problems.

After adjusting for such factors as age, gender, race, smoking habits, diabetes, time since last dental visit, and other differences between subjects, the researchers found that each trait - normal weight, healthy diet, and active lifestyle - was associated with a 16% decrease in gum disease risk. Having two of the habits lowered the risk of gum disease by 29%, while having all three was associated with a 40% lower risk.

While the study doesn't explain the reason behind this link, the researchers have several theories. Among the possibilities they note are the suggestion that eating fruits and vegetables may remove plaque from the teeth, and the notion that obesity promotes inflammation, which is linked to gum disease, while physical activity may decrease it.

Previous studies have linked gum disease with an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, pregnancy complications, and other health problems.



“Runners united to remember”

 On Wednesday April 24 Dr.’s Huszti & Chong , along with their daughters, participated in a special run at Kensington park. The event “Runners united to remember” was organized to show support to those effected by the recent tragedy in Boston. As Dr. Huszti pointed out

“ It’s inspiring to see everyone pull together as a community”.

 It was a great night with over 1,000 participants of all ages. In all over $14,000 was raised .

Beyond the terrible events of that day several Milford area runners distinguished themselves in the race.

According to the Milford Times: Milford cross country coach Brian Salyers had quite a day Monday, preparing his team for the biggest meet of the year tomorrow with division rival Grand Blanc.
As a massive running fan, he was also trying to keep track of how the Boston Marathon was going, and especially how his former runner Mike Anderson was doing along with Milford cross country assistant coach Mike Camilleri.
Anderson blistered the course for a lifetime best 2:25.19 to finish in the top 50
overall. Camileri wasn’t far behind in 2:34.03, also a lifetime best to crack the top 125 overall.
But as Salyers was preparing to go outside for practice with the track distance runners, he started to get the bad news. Something had gone horribly wrong with the Boston Marathon.
Good thing for all involved in this story, the two runners were finished more than an hour before the bombs ruined what is considered the Holy Grail of marathons.
“It’s kind of surreal,” said Salyers. “Fortunately, both them got right back with me. Mike Anderson was stuck in an apartment … but he was safe and OK.
“Cam, same thing, ‘I just got out of town. I’m safe and OK.”
Salyers reflected on how quickly the day changed for the two runners.
“They both had incredible races,” he said. “You have that high and then, all of the sudden, well, what meaning does that race have. It’s all secondary to human life.”
Salyers said his phone  was blowing up at practice with good news and people looking for answers.
“How are Mike and Mike? Are they OK?” Salyers said of what was coming across on his phone.
The two are fine, but Salyers knows what was supposed to be a great day for the two will never be the same.
“The Boston Marathon is a goal-driven entity. It has a persona all of its own,” said Salyers. “Mike was going there to run Boston to say he’s run the Boston Marathon.
“That experience is going to be tarnished.



Congratulations Dr. Huszti on your 10th marathon!


Dr. Huszti knew he wanted to do something special for his 10th marathon. He signed up early for the Chicago marathon and to make every mile matter he joined team DetermiNation to raise money for the American Cancer Society.


Race day couldn’t have gone any better. With the support of his family and friends he completed the 26.2 mile course in 3:28. A new personal record!


“the American Cancer Society is a special organization…beyond the noble pursuit for a cure we can all benefit today by making healthy lifestyle choices…” 

Cancer Prevention Information

When you train and race with the American Cancer Society DetermiNation team, you’re taking one of the most important steps to stay well and reduce your cancer risk. One-third of all cancer deaths could be prevented with a healthy diet and exercise. Training for a half-marathon, marathon, or triathlon on the DetermiNation team is a great way to get the regular exercise you need to reduce your cancer risk (or risk of getting cancer again) and stay well.

The key to celebrating more birthdays is to stay well. You can do so by maintaining a healthy weight by eating right and continuing to exercise regularly (even after your race is over), getting recommended cancer screening tests, and avoiding tobacco products. If everyone followed these steps, we could prevent half of all cancer deaths.


Eat Right and Get Active
The American Cancer Society recommends a few steps to help you maintain a healthy weight:

  • Strive for at least 5 serving per day of vegetables and fruits.
  • Choose whole grains and limit the amount of red and processed meat you eat.
  • Limit the amount of alcohol you drink - men should have no more than 2 drinks per day; women should have no more than 1 per day.
  • Adults should get at least 30 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity on 5 or more days per week. Training for an endurance event easily helps you achieve this goal!
  • Maintain a healthy weight throughout life, and if you’re not at an ideal weight, make a plan to get there. The American Cancer Society can help.


Know Your Screenings
Having regular cancer screenings can help you find cancer early, when it is most treatable. Some screening tests can even help you prevent cancer before it starts. Not sure which cancer screenings are right for you? Depending on your age, gender, and cancer risk, your screening recommendations will vary.

The American Cancer Society can help you learn which tests are right for you by taking our simple health check at However, it’s important to talk to your doctor about what cancer screenings might be right for you based on your personal and family health history.



Community matters: Johnson Elementary’s Fun Run

When you’re asked to spend an afternoon with a jaguar and hundreds of enthusiastic kids it’s hard to resist! On Friday September 21 Dr. Huszti was pleased to volunteer at Milford’s own Johnson Elementary for their annual fundraiser. Along with local running legend Doug Goodhue Dr. Bill led the kids in pre-run stretches and offered a quick lecture on healthy diet choices.
A special thanks to all of the organizers and volunteers. Huszti dental care is proud to be a sponsor for this event and promote health in conjunction with friends & healthy lifestyle choices.
Judging from the smiles on the kid’s faces the day was a great success.



Kensington Challenge

More than 500 people of all ages responded to the “challenge” this year crowding Kensington Park’s Maple Beach for the 29th annual Kensington Challenge road race. Team “Huszti Dental Care” turned out in force to participate and help raise funds for local youth fitness and the wounded warriors project.

“ The Kensington Challenge showcases healthy lifestyles and family fun. It’s sends an important message throughout our community.”


Huszti dental care is a proud sponsor of the Kensington Challenge. A special thank you to race director and good friend Doug Goodhue for another great race. Thanks Doug!



Count down to the Kensington Challenge

It’s no secret that Fitness & fun contribute significantly to our general health. Join the Huszti family and your Huszti dental staff as they take the challenge.

Road races: 5K, 15K
Saturday, September 15, 2012
Kensington Metropark

Whether you’re a runner or walker you’ll enjoy the beauty of Kensington Park and that special feeling of accomplishment at the finish line!

Huszti Dental is a proud sponsor of the Kensington Challenge. The proceeds go to such worthy charities as the wounded warriors project and local programs to encourage childhood fitness.




Kensington Challenge Race

   Kensington Challenge 15K start
It’s no secret that Fitness & fun contribute significantly to our general health. On September 17 over 600 runners of all abilities competed on a beautiful Saturday morning in both 5K and 15K distances. Huszti Dental is a proud sponsor of the Kensington Challenge. The proceeds will go to such worthy charities as the wounded warriors project and local programs to encourage childhood fitness.

Huszti Family & Staff Huszti Dental staff
Simply put Huszti Dental Care has the BEST patients. Example? Jesse Sweeney scorched the course to take 1st place in the 5K competition while rising star Logan Trevorrow (12 years old) took 4th place!
Kensington Challenge 5K start

The entire Trevorrow family distinguished themselves with excellent times including (father) Michael Trevorrow who edged out Dr. Huszti to take 1st place in their age group in the 15K race!

Kensington Challenge race

It was great to see so many of our patients.The feedback has been great and all had fun!Of course none of this would be possible without race director, patient and pal Mr. Doug Goodhue. Thanks Doug!

Doug Goodhue race director Kensington Challenge race

From the start to the finish line this years “Kensington challenge” was a winner!



Home town connection magazine

hometown connection magazine-Winter Cover

As appeared in the Hometown connection magazine Winter issue 2010:

Married Dentists Live, Work, and Play in Milford

Bill and Anna Huszti are always on the run. Whether it’s running for pleasure at Kensington Metro Park, running daughters Olivia and Sophia to school at nearby Johnson Elementary, or running the dental practice they started together in 1993, they are a family on the go.

The couple met at the University of Detroit. They married one week after graduation.

They were drawn to Milford because of the great quality of life the area offers. “I am so proud to call Milford home. The new fire department, the YMCA…it’s a great place to live,” said Dr. Bill. He also commented on the area’s world class healthcare providers. “We’ve chosen Dr. Marc Bockneck as our pediatrician and Dr. Jeff Herman as my personal physician. Both are excellent,” said Dr. Bill.

Kensington Metro Park is one of the Huszti's favorite places. Their home is surrounded by the park on three sides. Bill is a marathon runner; Anna does half marathons and the girls run 5K races. They take full advantage of the Milford Trail. “The way our community banded together on the trail fundraising efforts was fantastic. It’s a legacy we can all take pride in,” said Dr. Bill.

hometown connnection-magazine article-Huszti Family

You’ll find their name on one of the rooms at the new library. “We are very committed to education,” said Dr. Anna. The office has hosted many dental student interns and had patients interested in dentistry as a career shadow them for the day.

The Huszti's also work with the Huron Valley School System to provide dental work at no cost to needy families. “One of our patients is a social worker for the school district and made the connection for us,” explained Dr. Bill. “She was also our former nanny, so it has come full circle. She helped our kids and now we are able to help her ‘kids.’”

The three-story Huszti Building opened eight years ago on Milford Road. It was a five year process to build their dream dental office. “We found an award-winning architect who was also a dentist. We put all of our resources into creating the ultimate practice. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Dr. Anna.

The culture of the Huszti Dental Practice is unique. They begin each morning with a “huddle” to go over charts and set goals for each patient. Goals might include getting someone to laugh or smile.

The focus on patient comfort is apparent. Amenities offered include smart foam neck cushions, cozy blankets, massage chairs, sun glasses to reduce the glare from the dental light, and iPods that also play movies. A computerized anesthetic “wand” replaces shots (most patients won’t even notice they’ve had an injection), and every exam room offers relaxing panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Dental instrument trays are hidden from patients, which lessens anxiety. They also send helpful automatic texts and email appointment reminders to patients.

Dr. Bill’s hobby as a web 2.0 enthusiast and video editing skills show up in creative ways. A blog,, chronicles office events and interesting patients. A DVD slideshow with prevention advice includes a skit of the doctors fixing the smile on the Mona Lisa. They even have a Facebook fan page.

“Inserting the ‘fun’ factor with children is especially important,” said Dr. Bill. “Initial visits set the standard of how they’ll feel about the dentist for the rest of their lives. It is critical that their early experiences are positive.”

Incidentally, their daughters favorite holiday is Halloween. “They don’t get much sugar having two dentists for parents,” said Dr. Bill. “We don’t get any trick-or-treaters at our door either!”

Our thanks to Pam Terry and her staff at the Hometown connection magazine for their professionalism and hard work.  A special thanks to Amber stanely of amber lights photography and her staff for the wonderful family photo's too.



Excerpt’s from Dr. Huszti’s training journal: Detroit Marathon ‘09

Start Free Press Marathon 2009

For the last 7 years the Detroit marathon has been an important destination on my calendar. I thought I knew what to expect.  For me the marathon has always been the most solitary of tests. 2009 took me completely by surprise.

“Gerry, Bean dip & new game plan"
It’s pitch dark as I leave Curt Gillingham to position ourselves for the race. Curt will go on to have a great “first time “and hold true to a vow to his daughter “I will not walk”. The runners corral was packed. Almost immediately I bumped into (friend/patient/stud runner) Gerry Perrett. I’ve wanted to qualify for the prestigious Boston marathon for years. Gerry and pal (“bean dip”) had similar goals and a solid running plan. Pacing with them looked like a lot more fun than the designated pace group (It was). I made a vow of silence to conserve all energy. Not Gerry. For miles he greeted runners & by-standers alike. How does he know so many people?

“ Uncle Bill & tradition”
On mile 7 (Canada) Uncle Bill kept the tradition (7th) and greeted me just before the approach to the Detroit-Windsor tunnel. Realizing the tradition is only as good as the 2 of us I yelled a spontaneous “Love you” and same back to me. Mile 7 was pretty good.

“ Ben & family name in good hands”
Mile 8 is marked by end of the tunnel and return to the U.S.A. Huge crowds gather to cheer and there’s still enough glucose in the brain to enjoy the spectacle. A runner jumped out from the confusion. My nephew Ben? Sweet! A real test for my vow of silence.

It’s a fact Huszti men can only have girls. Then came Ben. On my desk sits a picture of Ben as a boy after finishing a run together (6 miles- his longest). Turns out Ben would log a personal distance record this day (18 miles) following me to the finish line. Ben’s wearing a shirt bearing the inscription “Miler”. For hours whenever we approach a crowd they keep cheering for “Miller”. It starts wearing on me. No matter how fast I run I wonder why I can’t shake that guy.

“ Face your demons, true friends & real race begins”
Weeks before the race I’d lie in bed and envision Belle Isle. If I stood a chance at qualifying for Boston It would have to happen there (miles 20-26). Everyone hit’s the wall at some point it’s just a question of when. You train but never know exactly how you’ll handle it till you’re there.

At the approach to the island park Doug Goodhue is waiting to join us. A few words about Doug: American recorder (3000m), #1 National ranking for 3 years consecutive (USTAF 65-69 age group). He’s just plain fast. His best attributes? Twinkle in the eye, zest for life and a great friend.

Mile 22

Where I’d typically be facing my demons alone I found myself in a posse of 4! Ben & Doug take the lead and work hard pulling me and Gerry through. Is that Rob Roux (yes & on his way to an extraordinary finish dropping 20 minutes for a new personal record)? I’m maintaining the “Boston qualifying pace” but the higher speeds from the first half are paying the bills for the noticeably diminishing performance. When the official pace group swallows you up it’s a sinking feeling and a sense of urgency is renewed. Partly from fear I manage a surge and finish Belle isle on pace but the exit bridge feels like a mountain. Ben & Doug are urging me forward but starting to look concerned. I’m hoping to ride the downside of the bridge but my legs aren’t responding. Mile’s 23- 24 are grueling and barely on pace. When I look up Gerry is gone. Doug realizes the trend and whispers to Ben “ Boston’s not going to happen…let’s help him to a P.R.”. I can hear every word. Miles 25 & 26 are brutal but the sunshine and my companions ease the burden. A strange sound: I hear myself laugh in response to an unexpected hill with only ½ mile to go. I remember thinking “ how am I going to fake going up this one?”. The finish line is a sweet sight. 3:36 is good enough for a new personal record. Boston will have to wait till next year.

Dr. Huszti & finish free press 2009 Dr. Huszti & Ben marathon 2009



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Johnson Elementary Fundraiser: "Fun Run"

How often does one get the opportunity to spend an afternoon with a jaguar and hundreds of enthusiastic kids?

Jaguar mascot, Dr. Huszti & Doug Goodhue Dr. Huszti,Goodhue & pre-run stretches

Johnson elementary is pleased to announce its first annual “fun run” was a hit. Word has it some $10,000 was raised & Huszti Dental Care is pleased to have been a sponsor.

 Johnson Fun run johnson elementary fun run

In addition to the sponsorship Dr.’s Bill and Anna Huszti volunteered their time on the day of the event too. Along with local running legend Doug Goodhue Dr. Bill led all kids in pre-run stretches. A special thanks to all organizers and volunteers. The doctors couldn’t be more pleased with the immediate success of the day but also the long term goal of promoting fun in conjunction with friends & exercise.

 Kids,jaguar & Principal 

Most importantly the smiles on the kids faces showed all had a great time.



Detroit Free Press Marathon 2008

2008 was a wonderful and memorable year of running for me and my family. For the last 6 years October has been the finale of the season with the Free press marathon.

Can see the finish line

An injured left leg kept me from completing my training. It doesn't take an "Obi Wan Kenobi" to imagine what that can lead to. I struggled for the last 8 miles but with the pacing and encouragement of friend ( local running legend) Doug Goodhue I  managed a personal best. Thanks Doug! Still shy of my Boston qualifying time by 9 minutes I hope to come back stronger in 2009.


On another note I am beginning the process of starting a running club for kids modeled after the " marathon Kids"  concept. By establishing a healthy activity early and making it fun we hope to set a pattern for life. Stay tuned!



Marathon Man

Detroit Free Press Marathon '06

In October, Dr. Huszti ran his fifth marathon in five years. This one was a little hairy as he caught a cold and cough from Olivia two weeks before the race. But after all the training he’d put in, there was no way he was going to miss it. The day was cold and windy and running on Belle Isle unsheltered from the wind he felt like he was running backward. And the water cannon fired by a fireman’s boat trying wasn’t as festive as it was just cold as the mist doused the runners.

Cheering for Dad- Detroit Free Press Marathon '06

Dr. Chong-Huszti was a little worried when she saw how pale and tired her husband looked during the last half mile, but after he was done, he was surprisingly fine and he even had fun in a strange way.He credits patients Carlos Brown, Jerry “Vin Diesel” Perret, the Logan family and Jeff Pike with the inspiration to finish this year’s race.