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We're in the Newspaper!

On December 6, 2013 the Milford Times wrote ( Hometown newspaper):

International students learn at Huszti Dental


(From left) Dr. Ron Paler, Dr. Anna Chong-Huszti, dental students Gabriella Moura Chicrala and Alexander Maude Batitucci Ambrosia, and Dr. William Huszti at Huszti Dental Care in Milford. The students were visiting to learn more about American dental practices.

Brazilian dental students Alexander Maude Batitucci Ambrosia and Gabriella Moura Chicrala got a glimpse of dentistry in America, thanks to Dr. William and Dr. Anna Chong-Huszti of Huszti Dental Care in Milford.

The day’s activities included a thorough tour of the practice followed by a presentation about comfort technologies and techniques. The students received a hands-on demonstration of the various technologies within the office.

“I cannot believe something like Intraoral cameras even exist,” said Gabriella, “It’s incredible that patients can see what we see inside their mouths.”

Intraoral cameras are an important tool for diagnosing and communicating to patients, said William Huszti. The tool is a tiny video camera that allows dentists to zoom in on one tooth, and the image is displayed on a computer monitor.

“I never thought I would see an iPad in a dental office,” said Alexander, “What a great idea to provide patients with some enjoyment while in the chair.”

The 21-year-old students are both on the verge of graduation from the University of Sao Paulo.

“The entire teams at Huszti Dental Care feels very strongly about taking an active role in shaping the future of the dental profession, which starts with the students,” said Huszti.

The dentists were selected by the International College of Dentists (ICD) to represent an American model of dental care delivery. The exchange program, coordinated through the University of Michigan school of Dentistry, is a signature program at ICD and is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the students. The visit took place Nov. 20.

“It is an honor to be selected by the International College of Dental Students as a representative of dental care in America,” said Anna Chong-Huszti, “We enjoyed hosting the students very much and hope to welcome others in the future.

Oral health is a worldwide burden, 60-90 percent of school children and nearly 100 percent of adults have dental cavities, according to the World Health Organization.



Tech showcase: Statim autoclave

Heat sterilization is an important part of our treatment & safety protocols. Our office was one of the first in Michigan to implement the Statim Autoclave and it’s been a mainstay in our office ever since. When it was announced that the next generation Statim was available we couldn’t resist. Meet the newest member of our high tech equipment the STATIM G4 5000 by SciCan.

 Immediate Steam Generation

Unlike conventional autoclaves that need to heat an entire reservoir of water, STATIM uses only a small, specific amount of water required for each cycle. Water is introduced into
a heating device referred to as a ‘steam generator’, rapidly heated and converted to steam in mere seconds.

Air Removal

Using PPPD technology and our patented steam injection STATIM process – air is automatically forced out of the STATIM sterilization chamber.

Cassette System

The thin stainless steel walls of STATIM’s fully-removable cassette, (or sterilization chamber) allow for rapid heating and cooling of the chamber. As a result, STATIM meets the conditions for sterilization and drying in a fraction of the time required by a conventional autoclave.


There’s nothing like the STATIM networked portal. In addition to viewing your STATIM’s current operations, you can also access cycle history, printing and validation information
and sterilization records. The STATIM G4 can send email directly to your office and also to your dealer to let qualified technicians know that servicing is required.

Drying Technology

The STATIM 2000 G4 and 5000 G4 have each been designed to provide you with a complete solution: rapid sterilization balanced by rapid drying. Introducing STATIM Dri-Tec drying technology.

Dri-TecC – Convection Heat

Drying Technology

The STATIM 2000 G4 uses convection heat to dry instruments by utilizing the remaining heat in the system after the sterilization phase. Heat is captured and released into the cassette, drying wrapped instrument loads in as little as 10 minutes.

Dri-TecR – Radiant Heat

Drying Technology

The STATIM 5000 G4 uses heat generated by the sterilization cycle which is ‘absorbed’ by unique drying plates located
in the sterilization chamber. Heat is transferred from the drying plates directly to instruments resulting in accelerated, full load drying in as little as 15 minutes.



Dr. Huszti Nominated to Committee

Dr. William Huszti, Dr. Anna Chong-Huszti


Dr. Huszti was recently nominated to serve on the Michigan Dental Association’s committee on “Communication, Education and Awareness”.

“ Of course I’m honored to have been asked. The Michigan Dental Association is such a positive force for oral health. I am looking forward to adding my enthusiasm to this group.” 




Staff spotlight: Your Hygienist & Ballerina Raquel

Huszti Dental- Hygienist Ballerina
When it comes to patient care the Team at Huszti Dental is passionate. Those same feelings follow us into our hobbies after hours too. Take your hygienist Raquel. Few know she was classically trained as a ballet dancer and very good!

Huszti Dental image
Recently she and her children appeared in the Young People’s Ballet Theatre’s (YPBT) production of the ballet, Cinderella, at the University of Michigan-Flint Theatre.


We are proud of Raquel and her contribution to the Arts and the Community. Thanks Raquel!


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Technology spotlight: Digital X-rays

  digital x-rays

When it comes to our tech favorite’s our digital x-ray system may top the list. The Dexis Platinum has proven to be a “game changer”. The wonderfully detailed images allows us to see problems early. The results? A greatly enhanced prevention program.

Special software analyzes information beyond the abilities of the human eye thereby increasing the diagnostic quality too. The CMOS (Complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor) sensor is so sensitive we can accomplish all and still reduce the radiation used by up to 80%. 

oral health- prevention program

Why Digital?
• Enhances your prevention plan
• Reduced exposure to radiation
• Green friendly ( no film or developing chemicals)
• Your time is important - Faster, easier procedure
• High performance CMOS technology
• High quality images 

We’re proud to provide you with the best solutions for your oral heath.

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Lights, Camera, Action, Milford!

Huszti Dental & Hometown connection magazine

As printed in the Huron Valley Hometown Connection:
Last summer, the Michigan Dental Association filmed new television commercials which are now airing throughout the state. The hometown star of those commercials is…Huszti Dental Care!

Huszti Dental was one of several locations considered for the role of “dental office.” “We hosted location scouts, producers and finally, a panel of film production professionals. After each meeting we kept our fingers crossed and anxiously awaited their decision,” said Dr. Bill Huszti, who shares the practice with his wife and fellow dentist, Dr. Anna Chong. Finally, all of the cuts were made and Huszti Dental Care was the last office standing. “It felt a little like winning ‘American Idol!’” said Dr. Bill.

Huszti Dental Hometown connection magazine

Huszti Dental was ultimately chosen because of the outstanding aesthetics of their facility, according to Producer Andre Bond “The modernly appointed treatment rooms with breathtaking views of nature right out their windows offered an ideal setting for our commercials,” said Bond.

The office was closed to the public on June 30, 2010 as a 25-person production crew completed 10 long hours of filming.
Kensington Metro Park’s Maple Beach is also featured in the ads, which began airing in August.

The Husztis were proud to bring a film crew to Milford. “The crew was charmed by the area for the same reasons we are,” said Dr. Bill. “We were happy to play a part in shining a spotlight on our community.”

The advertisements urge patients to schedule and keep regular dental appointments to prevent more serious oral and health complications ( view video’s).

Dr. Bill and Dr. Anna have noticed busy parents and professionals are more likely to fall behind with their dental care. Often times they defer until a “more opportune time” that never arrives. Dental needs continue to mount. The success of a special program for busy executives quickly became adapted for busy moms and dads.

The “Smart Scheduling” program makes it easy to address  oral health goals by removing obstacles to care. The first  component of the “Smart Scheduling” program is built on economy of appointments and patient convenience. Specialized software ensures that text and email follow-ups accompany the plan.

Another key factor is the advanced technology the office employs, allowing them to consolidate dental work into fewer visits. Computerized anesthetic lets them target specific areas and accomplish more in one appointment while use of the gentle Soft Tissue Laser requires less anesthetic in general. They also make an iPad available so patients can check email, scan the newspaper or use other applications that turn wait time into productive time.

“The program has been a great success. In many cases, we can cut treatment time in half,” said Dr. Anna. “ By intervening quickly, treatment is less complex, less costly and patients enjoy the benefits of a healthy smile sooner.”

The Huszti’s can certainly relate to parents with full calendars. Their daughters (Olivia, 9 and Sophia, 8) play Huron Valley soccer, swim at the YMCA and are members of the Huron Valley Recreational Running Club. In fact, running is a favorite pastime for the whole family.

Huszti Dental Care sponsors the John Rogucki Memorial Kensington Challenge, an annual race organized by local running legend Doug Goodhue. The race benefits the Wounded Warriors Project which provides programs and services for injured men and women returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. “The sponsorship is a great fit for us. It’s a terrific cause and a great way to impact your overall health,” said Dr. Bill. “ Kensington Park in September is spectacular and the excitement from the race is hard to beat.” Mark your calendars for this year’s race on Saturday, September 17. Join the race’s fan page on Facebook for  future updates.

Our hats off to Pam Terry and the fine group of professionals at “hometown connection” for their fine work. Also a special thanks to Amber Stanley and her staff at “Amber lights Photography”. Their work is superb and a thoroughly enjoyable experience.



We've gone Hollywood !

The Michigan Dental Association has chose your dental office in its state-wide television campaign!

Film day MDA huszti Clinic 058 Film day MDA huszti Clinic 070

Their decision didn’t happen over-night. Over the weeks we hosted  location scouts, producers and finally a panel of film production professional’s. Similar meetings were being held at numerous dental offices throughout Michigan. After each meeting we kept our fingers crossed and anxiously awaited their decision. Finally all the cuts were made and we were the last office standing. It felt a little like “American Idol”!

Film day MDA huszti Clinic 077 Film day MDA huszti Clinic 081

A word about the Michigan Dental Association: truly a stand out among professional organizations. Their contributions toward oral health in Michigan and proactive style has earned them the respect of Dr.’s Huszti & Chong ( MDA members for 18 years).

100_3307 Film day MDA huszxti Clinic 088

On Wednesday June 30th we closed our doors to the public as a crew of 25 descended into Huszti Dental Care and took over every inch of the office. 10 hours later they finished and continued to Kensington Metro Park’s Maple Beach for the next sequence. We have a lot of stories and pictures of the big day just ask us at your next appointment! All in all a fun and most memorable day!

Film day MDA huszti Clinic 086

Film day MDA huszti Clinic 035 Film day MDA huszti Clinic 050



Huszti Dental Care in the movies?



iPad? We’ve got it!

The newest addition to our collection of high technology has been generating a lot of excitement . When it was announced in March that the iPad would be available by pre-order only Dr. Huszti was the first to get in line. Now fresh out of the box it’s seeing a lot of use.

 ipad, Huszti dental

Patients are enjoying the large screen and touch sensitive navigation to browse the web, read the New York Times or play a game during appointments. Exploring the “apps” can be a fun and productive distraction too and there’s something for everyone.

ipad Huszti dental care

The doctors and staff are finding the portability and crisp screen an exciting enhancement to our patient education protocols. For example our YouTube video’s can be held and played in our patients lap. Another favorite utilizes an album of oral health related images accessed through a drawing “app”. This allows the doctors another tool to discuss prevention or treatment options.

iPad patient comfort Huszti dental 

A lot of techies are weighing in on the subject of the iPad. Some are calling it a “game changer”. At Huszti dental Care we see the immediate benefits for our patients but what really excites us is what we’ll think of next. As always we value your input. Got a great idea? Let us know!



Home town connection magazine

hometown connection magazine-Winter Cover

As appeared in the Hometown connection magazine Winter issue 2010:

Married Dentists Live, Work, and Play in Milford

Bill and Anna Huszti are always on the run. Whether it’s running for pleasure at Kensington Metro Park, running daughters Olivia and Sophia to school at nearby Johnson Elementary, or running the dental practice they started together in 1993, they are a family on the go.

The couple met at the University of Detroit. They married one week after graduation.

They were drawn to Milford because of the great quality of life the area offers. “I am so proud to call Milford home. The new fire department, the YMCA…it’s a great place to live,” said Dr. Bill. He also commented on the area’s world class healthcare providers. “We’ve chosen Dr. Marc Bockneck as our pediatrician and Dr. Jeff Herman as my personal physician. Both are excellent,” said Dr. Bill.

Kensington Metro Park is one of the Huszti's favorite places. Their home is surrounded by the park on three sides. Bill is a marathon runner; Anna does half marathons and the girls run 5K races. They take full advantage of the Milford Trail. “The way our community banded together on the trail fundraising efforts was fantastic. It’s a legacy we can all take pride in,” said Dr. Bill.

hometown connnection-magazine article-Huszti Family

You’ll find their name on one of the rooms at the new library. “We are very committed to education,” said Dr. Anna. The office has hosted many dental student interns and had patients interested in dentistry as a career shadow them for the day.

The Huszti's also work with the Huron Valley School System to provide dental work at no cost to needy families. “One of our patients is a social worker for the school district and made the connection for us,” explained Dr. Bill. “She was also our former nanny, so it has come full circle. She helped our kids and now we are able to help her ‘kids.’”

The three-story Huszti Building opened eight years ago on Milford Road. It was a five year process to build their dream dental office. “We found an award-winning architect who was also a dentist. We put all of our resources into creating the ultimate practice. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Dr. Anna.

The culture of the Huszti Dental Practice is unique. They begin each morning with a “huddle” to go over charts and set goals for each patient. Goals might include getting someone to laugh or smile.

The focus on patient comfort is apparent. Amenities offered include smart foam neck cushions, cozy blankets, massage chairs, sun glasses to reduce the glare from the dental light, and iPods that also play movies. A computerized anesthetic “wand” replaces shots (most patients won’t even notice they’ve had an injection), and every exam room offers relaxing panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Dental instrument trays are hidden from patients, which lessens anxiety. They also send helpful automatic texts and email appointment reminders to patients.

Dr. Bill’s hobby as a web 2.0 enthusiast and video editing skills show up in creative ways. A blog,, chronicles office events and interesting patients. A DVD slideshow with prevention advice includes a skit of the doctors fixing the smile on the Mona Lisa. They even have a Facebook fan page.

“Inserting the ‘fun’ factor with children is especially important,” said Dr. Bill. “Initial visits set the standard of how they’ll feel about the dentist for the rest of their lives. It is critical that their early experiences are positive.”

Incidentally, their daughters favorite holiday is Halloween. “They don’t get much sugar having two dentists for parents,” said Dr. Bill. “We don’t get any trick-or-treaters at our door either!”

Our thanks to Pam Terry and her staff at the Hometown connection magazine for their professionalism and hard work.  A special thanks to Amber stanely of amber lights photography and her staff for the wonderful family photo's too.


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We're on face book !

The Team at Huszti Dental Care is always on the go. After hours activities, community events, articles, Professional events, family outings… it’s all here. Plenty of pictures, video’s and a few surprises too.

Link to facebook: Huszti Dental Fan page

After over-whelming patient requests we’ve finally done it. Now we can keep in touch with you even better and share the latest news. Just click on the icon above to go tour our "fan" page and get started! As always we appreciate your feedback and in the face book format it should be easier than ever before!

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Seminar & Extraordinary Patient Service

staff seminar GM building, Huszti dental, Milford Michigan dentist

Continuing education is an important compliment to quality dental care. To that end the doctors and staff attended the “Detroit Dental Review” convention in Detroit on Friday November 20,2009. The seminar “Achieving Extraordinary service” presented by featured speaker Mrs. Rosemary Bray was fun and informative.

 staff seminar GM building 014 , Huszti dental, Milford Michigan dentist

The staff all agreed patient service and satisfaction is an important part of what we do. The days learning will be put to good use. At the next team meeting staff will present their best ideas and discussion to follow. Want to join a team meeting? We value your input and would be pleased to pass on your best ideas too!



Computerized Anesthetic

Computerized Anesthetic

A Computer Replaces “the Shot”

Huszti Dental care is pleased to offer an alternative anesthetic delivery system. Very different from the traditional syringe the “wand” utilizes a computer and delicate sensors to make split second adjustments to optimize flow rate and insure comfort. Adults are able to compare & appreciate the difference from past experiences and - better yet - kids are not. Children who have positive experiences in the dental office are more likely to keep regular visits and benefit from preventive services- maintaining better than average oral health. Although Dr. Huszti and Dr. Chong-Huszti have worked with computerized anesthetic for years they are still excited about this technology. “ A relaxed and comfortable patient makes it all worthwhile.”



"e-dental-pedia"- patient education technology

The staff at Huszti Dental Care are always available to answer your questions. Educational technology is another  important adjunct to help patients of all ages better understand oral health. A short multimedia presentation can

dental encyclopedia

be just the thing to shed light upon technical questions concerning dental treatment or to make a compelling case for ease of dental prevention. That's why the clinic has been equipped with an electronic dental encyclopedia, available chair-side, in every treatment room.

Patient education- Huszti dental technology-

An informed patient is always in a position to attain better health.



Tour the Clinic

Huszti Building- 1800 North Milford Rd, Suite 200 Milford, Michigan 48357

Your Comfort is Important to Us:
The Huszti dental care facility was designed to offer patient comfort as its top priority. The building site was chosen for its beautiful views of water,meadows and woods. In all nine acres were preserved to feature open-space views which can be enjoyed through the office’s full-length windows. Special landscaping incorporating waterfalls and native Michigan plants add to its appeal. A relaxing décor featuring soothing colors, art and select sound insulation enhance the patient experience.

Entrance Huszti Building, waterfall

View from main entrance bridge
huszti dental reception

Reception Room
treatment room
Treatment room
Huszti dental view

View from Treatment room
sterilization room, Huszti dental

Sterilization Lab
Conference room, Huszti dental

Staff education conference room
Huszti building exterior
Huszti Building



Staying on schedule

administrative staff- Huszti dental

Dental appointments aren’t always on your radar, especially because they are often made months in advance. You asked us to keep you informed — and you told us you didn’t want us to call during dinner — so now we offer many ways of reminding you that you’re due for a visit.

Staying on schedule- Huszti dental

We can e-mail and text message when we need to contact you. Just let us know what works best. Oh yeah: We still make phone calls, too.



Welcome to Huszti dental care

"Providing you with solutions for your dental health needs in a comfortable and caring environment." 

Our introductory video:

Dr.'s William & Anna Chong-Huszti established Huszti Dental Care in 1993 when the founders of the practice transitioned to retirement after 3 decades of service to Milford,Highland and the greater Huron Valley. The practice still boasts active patients from the 1960's. In 2002 Huszti Dental care moved from Highland to their new home in Milford, Michigan.  The corner stone of the practice's commitment to patient care remains the advanced clinic housed in the "Huszti Building".

Huszti dental, milford, mi

The clinic is designed to offer patient comfort as its top priority. The building site was chosen for views of water, meadows and woods. In all nine acres were preserved to feature open-space views which can be enjoyed through the office's full-length windows. Special landscaping incorporating waterfalls and native Michigan plants add to its appeal.

HusztiBld&grnds040048_1 Entrance Huszti Building-waterfall

Be sure to visit Huszti dental care's principal website. Practice tours, technology, meet the doctors, smile make-overs all offered with the benefit of advanced flash graphics.



5 year anniversary: newsletter

Huszti Building- Milford, Michigan Huszti Family

It’s been five years since we started our newsletter as a way to let you know what we’re doing to provide you with the most up-to-date care with cutting edge technology.Lots of things have changed in that time. We’ve moved to our new, state-of-the-art building and attended many seminars to learn about the latest techniques to enhance smiles, treat cavities and keep your general oral health at its peak. We’ve also launched a new, improved Website.  

We’ve gotten older: Bill and Anna each turned 40 in these last five years and welcomed two beautiful little girls — Olivia, 6, and Sophie, 5, into the family. And, we’re getting ready to move into a new home, entering a new stage of life.

We feel this newsletter has brought us closer to you, and hope you enjoy learning more about us and our staff so you always feel comfortable when you come into the office.



New website:

Millford Dentist .com

When we launched our first Website seven years ago, Dr. Huszti put the whole thing together himself. It was a pretty good effort, but let’s face it, seven years is a long time to go without major changes to a Website. Our old was pretty cool, but this new one blows it away. Check it out at .

First off we’ve added flash animation for a more interesting experience and we’ve added lots of photos and detailed graphics. For example, with a magnification tool, pictures can be inspected in vivid detail which is especially helpful when looking at some of the cases we feature on the site.And as always, our site will provide:

  • A full resource for your dental health
  • A way to get to know the staff
  • Before and after smile-enhancing photos
  • An easy, convenient way to contact us and fill out patient forms
  • Updates on our new technology
  • A tour of the office
  • Home care instructions
    And be sure to visit our photo gallery for bonus pictures and a jumbo-tron photo viewing.