On Wednesday April 24 Dr.’s Huszti & Chong , along with their daughters, participated in a special run at Kensington park. The event “Runners united to remember” was organized to show support to those effected by the recent tragedy in Boston. As Dr. Huszti pointed out

“ It’s inspiring to see everyone pull together as a community”.

 It was a great night with over 1,000 participants of all ages. In all over $14,000 was raised .

Beyond the terrible events of that day several Milford area runners distinguished themselves in the race.

According to the Milford Times: Milford cross country coach Brian Salyers had quite a day Monday, preparing his team for the biggest meet of the year tomorrow with division rival Grand Blanc.
As a massive running fan, he was also trying to keep track of how the Boston Marathon was going, and especially how his former runner Mike Anderson was doing along with Milford cross country assistant coach Mike Camilleri.
Anderson blistered the course for a lifetime best 2:25.19 to finish in the top 50
overall. Camileri wasn’t far behind in 2:34.03, also a lifetime best to crack the top 125 overall.
But as Salyers was preparing to go outside for practice with the track distance runners, he started to get the bad news. Something had gone horribly wrong with the Boston Marathon.
Good thing for all involved in this story, the two runners were finished more than an hour before the bombs ruined what is considered the Holy Grail of marathons.
“It’s kind of surreal,” said Salyers. “Fortunately, both them got right back with me. Mike Anderson was stuck in an apartment … but he was safe and OK.
“Cam, same thing, ‘I just got out of town. I’m safe and OK.”
Salyers reflected on how quickly the day changed for the two runners.
“They both had incredible races,” he said. “You have that high and then, all of the sudden, well, what meaning does that race have. It’s all secondary to human life.”
Salyers said his phone  was blowing up at practice with good news and people looking for answers.
“How are Mike and Mike? Are they OK?” Salyers said of what was coming across on his phone.
The two are fine, but Salyers knows what was supposed to be a great day for the two will never be the same.
“The Boston Marathon is a goal-driven entity. It has a persona all of its own,” said Salyers. “Mike was going there to run Boston to say he’s run the Boston Marathon.
“That experience is going to be tarnished.