Research suggests simply observing someone smiling at you stimulates a region of the brain associated with smiling. This causes you to smile yourself! This experience is effortless and immediate – contagious, if you will. It has also been suggested that not only are smiles contagious, but they can also affect your mood. Studies have shown that smiling improves mood, and psychologists at the Mindlab International in Brighton, England suggested that a smile can have a ‘halo effect’. This means that smiling can leave a person feeling more positive, optimistic, and motivated. Smiling is shown to lower blood pressure, and to boost the immune system as your body relaxes. Smiling also releases endorphins and relieves stress, in addition to preventing us from looking overwhelmed, worn out, or tired.

Taking care of your smile and oral health not only benefits you but those around you too. Besides it’s just plain fun!