The newest addition to our collection of high technology has been generating a lot of excitement . When it was announced in March that the iPad would be available by pre-order only Dr. Huszti was the first to get in line. Now fresh out of the box it’s seeing a lot of use.

 ipad, Huszti dental

Patients are enjoying the large screen and touch sensitive navigation to browse the web, read the New York Times or play a game during appointments. Exploring the “apps” can be a fun and productive distraction too and there’s something for everyone.

ipad Huszti dental care

The doctors and staff are finding the portability and crisp screen an exciting enhancement to our patient education protocols. For example our YouTube video’s can be held and played in our patients lap. Another favorite utilizes an album of oral health related images accessed through a drawing “app”. This allows the doctors another tool to discuss prevention or treatment options.

iPad patient comfort Huszti dental 

A lot of techies are weighing in on the subject of the iPad. Some are calling it a “game changer”. At Huszti dental Care we see the immediate benefits for our patients but what really excites us is what we’ll think of next. As always we value your input. Got a great idea? Let us know!