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As appeared in the Hometown connection magazine Winter issue 2010:

Married Dentists Live, Work, and Play in Milford

Bill and Anna Huszti are always on the run. Whether it’s running for pleasure at Kensington Metro Park, running daughters Olivia and Sophia to school at nearby Johnson Elementary, or running the dental practice they started together in 1993, they are a family on the go.

The couple met at the University of Detroit. They married one week after graduation.

They were drawn to Milford because of the great quality of life the area offers. “I am so proud to call Milford home. The new fire department, the YMCA…it’s a great place to live,” said Dr. Bill. He also commented on the area’s world class healthcare providers. “We’ve chosen Dr. Marc Bockneck as our pediatrician and Dr. Jeff Herman as my personal physician. Both are excellent,” said Dr. Bill.

Kensington Metro Park is one of the Huszti's favorite places. Their home is surrounded by the park on three sides. Bill is a marathon runner; Anna does half marathons and the girls run 5K races. They take full advantage of the Milford Trail. “The way our community banded together on the trail fundraising efforts was fantastic. It’s a legacy we can all take pride in,” said Dr. Bill.

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You’ll find their name on one of the rooms at the new library. “We are very committed to education,” said Dr. Anna. The office has hosted many dental student interns and had patients interested in dentistry as a career shadow them for the day.

The Huszti's also work with the Huron Valley School System to provide dental work at no cost to needy families. “One of our patients is a social worker for the school district and made the connection for us,” explained Dr. Bill. “She was also our former nanny, so it has come full circle. She helped our kids and now we are able to help her ‘kids.’”

The three-story Huszti Building opened eight years ago on Milford Road. It was a five year process to build their dream dental office. “We found an award-winning architect who was also a dentist. We put all of our resources into creating the ultimate practice. We couldn’t be happier with the results,” said Dr. Anna.

The culture of the Huszti Dental Practice is unique. They begin each morning with a “huddle” to go over charts and set goals for each patient. Goals might include getting someone to laugh or smile.

The focus on patient comfort is apparent. Amenities offered include smart foam neck cushions, cozy blankets, massage chairs, sun glasses to reduce the glare from the dental light, and iPods that also play movies. A computerized anesthetic “wand” replaces shots (most patients won’t even notice they’ve had an injection), and every exam room offers relaxing panoramic views through floor-to-ceiling windows. Dental instrument trays are hidden from patients, which lessens anxiety. They also send helpful automatic texts and email appointment reminders to patients.

Dr. Bill’s hobby as a web 2.0 enthusiast and video editing skills show up in creative ways. A blog, www.milforddentist.wordpress.com, chronicles office events and interesting patients. A DVD slideshow with prevention advice includes a skit of the doctors fixing the smile on the Mona Lisa. They even have a Facebook fan page.

“Inserting the ‘fun’ factor with children is especially important,” said Dr. Bill. “Initial visits set the standard of how they’ll feel about the dentist for the rest of their lives. It is critical that their early experiences are positive.”

Incidentally, their daughters favorite holiday is Halloween. “They don’t get much sugar having two dentists for parents,” said Dr. Bill. “We don’t get any trick-or-treaters at our door either!”

Our thanks to Pam Terry and her staff at the Hometown connection magazine for their professionalism and hard work.  A special thanks to Amber stanely of amber lights photography and her staff for the wonderful family photo's too.