On Wednesday, December. 3, 2008 Dr.’s Huszti & Chong attended a symposium at the Rock Financial Showplace, Novi

oral & systemic health symposiumT

The "2008 System Health Conference" following in December at the Diamond Center/Rock Financial Showplace in Novi. 

oral & systemic health- sold out

2008 Systemic Health Conference (SOLD OUT!)
Our understanding of the link between oral and systemic health has increased rapidly in recent years. However, physicians and dentists are rarely provided with an opportunity to discuss the oral-systemic link. The goal of this symposium is to discuss prospective research linking oral health with systemic health, using formal presentations, audience participation and panel discussions. Sessions will examine the oral/systemic link in cardiac disease, diabetes, and adverse outcomes during pregnancy.

Huszti Dental Alumnus Jenny

A final session on policy and education will deal with current and future mechanisms to improve communication, collaboration and education regarding these interlinking fields of health care. To conclude each session there will be a formal panel discussion with audience participation. This will generate real-time responses from participants and will foster communication to enhance the learning experience.

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