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Our introductory video:

Dr.'s William & Anna Chong-Huszti established Huszti Dental Care in 1993 when the founders of the practice transitioned to retirement after 3 decades of service to Milford,Highland and the greater Huron Valley. The practice still boasts active patients from the 1960's. In 2002 Huszti Dental care moved from Highland to their new home in Milford, Michigan.  The corner stone of the practice's commitment to patient care remains the advanced clinic housed in the "Huszti Building".

Huszti dental, milford, mi

The clinic is designed to offer patient comfort as its top priority. The building site was chosen for views of water, meadows and woods. In all nine acres were preserved to feature open-space views which can be enjoyed through the office's full-length windows. Special landscaping incorporating waterfalls and native Michigan plants add to its appeal.

HusztiBld&grnds040048_1 Entrance Huszti Building-waterfall

Be sure to visit Huszti dental care's principal website. Practice tours, technology, meet the doctors, smile make-overs all offered with the benefit of advanced flash graphics.