Millford Dentist .com

When we launched our first Website seven years ago, Dr. Huszti put the whole thing together himself. It was a pretty good effort, but let’s face it, seven years is a long time to go without major changes to a Website. Our old was pretty cool, but this new one blows it away. Check it out at .

First off we’ve added flash animation for a more interesting experience and we’ve added lots of photos and detailed graphics. For example, with a magnification tool, pictures can be inspected in vivid detail which is especially helpful when looking at some of the cases we feature on the site.And as always, our site will provide:

  • A full resource for your dental health
  • A way to get to know the staff
  • Before and after smile-enhancing photos
  • An easy, convenient way to contact us and fill out patient forms
  • Updates on our new technology
  • A tour of the office
  • Home care instructions
    And be sure to visit our photo gallery for bonus pictures and a jumbo-tron photo viewing.