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Getting the message out about good oral hygiene is important. And it's especially important to get it to children so they develop good dental habits early in life. That's why the doctors and hygienist Dawn reached out to some students in February, National Dental Health Month. Dr. Huszti put together a high-tech presentation which included music and Power Point animation for the Friends Preschool in Milford and Johnson elementary Kindergarten classes where their daughter’s Sophia and Olivia attend.

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One of the highlights was when Doctors Huszti and Chong-Huszti, their heads superimposed on the bodies of Superman and Wonder Woman, fought and destroyed the Cavity Creeps.

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Dawn Grider shared oral hygiene tips with kids at two different schools. After one of the talks, the thank you notes showed Dawn just what the kids learned:One child said he learned he has to brush ALL his teeth. Another said she learned to brush her gums. Another said he now knows he has to brush two times a day. Dawn plays a game with the kids “Good Food or Bad Food?” One child discovered apples are good, fruit roll-ups are not. “I didn’t have this experience when I was a kid,” Dawn said. “It’s good to hear the kids learn something,” because starting healthy habits early is always better, she said. And they always do, even if they get the details wrong: One mother told Dawn her daughter told her after Dawn’s talk that the HAD to buy dental floss immediately and that they need to brush for two hours!