Detroit Free Press Marathon '06

In October, Dr. Huszti ran his fifth marathon in five years. This one was a little hairy as he caught a cold and cough from Olivia two weeks before the race. But after all the training he’d put in, there was no way he was going to miss it. The day was cold and windy and running on Belle Isle unsheltered from the wind he felt like he was running backward. And the water cannon fired by a fireman’s boat trying wasn’t as festive as it was just cold as the mist doused the runners.

Cheering for Dad- Detroit Free Press Marathon '06

Dr. Chong-Huszti was a little worried when she saw how pale and tired her husband looked during the last half mile, but after he was done, he was surprisingly fine and he even had fun in a strange way.He credits patients Carlos Brown, Jerry “Vin Diesel” Perret, the Logan family and Jeff Pike with the inspiration to finish this year’s race.