Pre-school education

Getting the message out about good oral hygiene is important. And it's especially important to get it to children so they develop good dental habits early in life. That's why the doctors and hygienist Dawn reached out to some students in February, National Dental Health Month.

Dr. Huszti put together a high-tech presentation which included music and Power Point animation for the Milford Montessori School where their daughter Olivia attends. One of the highlights was when Doctors Huszti and Chong-Huszti, their heads superimposed on the bodies of Superman and Wonder Woman, fought and destroyed the Cavity Creeps.

Olivia's little sister Sophia also helped with the instruction which featured the proper way to brush teeth, an introduction to a dental office, and a Good Food, Bad Food game. In addition to some good advice, the 70 pre-kindergarten students received electric toothbrushes.

preschool education

Dawn spent a morning at All-Stars Preschool, giving advice and tips on keeping teeth healthy to 30 youngsters. Her best memory came afterward, when she drops by and the children all show her a big smile and say "I brushed my teeth this morning!"