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Everyone wants whiter teeth. And many people are trying various methods with varying degrees of success. We offer BriteSmile, one of the most exciting and successful tooth-whitening systems available.Developed by a former NASA scientist, BriteSmile uses a gentle bleaching gel and plasma-light technology to make all the teeth whiter at the same time. Tests show it whitens teeth by more than 8 shades on average. Years of coffee and tea stains and nicotine are literally wiped away in about an hour.

Brite smile

The system is used by hundreds of national celebrities and has been seen on television shows like "Good Morning America" and "Today" and written up in national publications like the New York Times and People Magazine.Clinical studies show there's no other way to whiten teeth faster, easier or more effectively.Still, if you don't think BriteSmile is for you, we still offer our take-home whitening system for you to use outside our office.Either way, you'll have a brighter, fresher smile to show the world.